Hello lovely!

Are you looking to get a logo designed for your business or brand? well look no further!

I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. When I was a teenager my mom bought me a drawing tablet that hooked in to my computer so I could draw with photoshop without having to use my mouse like I had been and I fell in love with digital art. My current set up is a Surface Pro 3 Tablet with an N-trig Stylus Pen.

Art has always been one of my passions, I love to bring an idea to life. I am determined, passionate and I never give up. If an idea is there, I believe there is a way to let it out.

I am currently not offering trademarks. As I get more established I will look further into that but trademarking will mean having to up my fees.

Here are my fees and what you will get for your money:

1 Logo – $100

  • All files once project is completed (first draft, second draft, photoshop files, etc…)
  • 3 different mock ups
  • 4 reworks/adjustments
  • Logo (in a png transparent file that will work on images/printed items)

Social Media Brand Package – $200

  • Logo
  • Cover Photo
  • Business related media (sizing charts, instructions etc…)
  • Watermark logo for images
  • All files
  • 3 different mock ups
  • 4 reworks/adjustments

Here is a sample of my work (these files are not an accurate representation of quality. When I email you your logo the quality should be much better)

If you would be interested in employing my services, please fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to be as detailed as you can be about what you would like in a logo. I want to ensure my clients leave with a logo they will be proud to have representing their brand.