4 ways to earn money from home

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to drop in and give you guys a few ideas on how to earn some money from home, whether you use all of these together (like I’m doing), or just choose one and build on it. Whether your goals are to supplement your income or work from home full-time, I hope these can help get you started.

1) Affiliate Marketing


This is one of the best ways to earn money because most affiliate programs are free to join and all they require you to do is put links everywhere you can, write reviews, do videos, promote products you use and love however you can.

I haven’t personally earned too much from this yet, but I’m earning some now and learning a lot about which products to list.

I am using Amazon’s Affiliate program because

1) I love Amazon

2) most people love Amazon

3) it’s recognizable and people trust it.

To sign up, just click here and follow the steps. It’s really easy, but before you sign up, think about your niche, research and watch some videos and figure out a “game plan”. If you don’t have a blog you can get a free one from WordPress or another site (see: 4 Tips on Starting a Blog) or even just simply promote products on a Pinterest account.

How it works:

Basically, you sign up with an Affiliate program and the company pays you a small percentage to advertise for them. You share your links and write reviews on your blog or video and tell people how much you like *insert product here* and if they buy it, you earn some money from it.

*Something to note is that at least with Amazon’s program you have about 90 days (I believe) to actually sell a product before you’re 100% accepted. If you don’t sell anything you will go inactive and have to rejoin. I had to do this like, three times because I was signing up, popping on a few links and not doing anything else. So after I started doing research and really figured out how to do this a bit better I started selling some stuff. Not a lot, but it’s growing.


 2) Merchandise


If you are artistic at all, you could make some designs and sell them on shirts, mugs, stickers, etc. and if you don’t want to worry about printing them onto your own products there are plenty of websites out there where you can upload your design and have them print and sell them for you.

I only use Redbubble so far, but there are others out there such as:

and many more.

I’m still learning how to promote on there and what designs people are going for, but it’s fun. I love to create art and coming up with ideas and trying to guess what people are going to like is a fun process.


3) Create a book


Even if it’s just a short “how to” ebook on Amazon, if you can get some people to read it and leave a review you will start earning some extra income from sales without a whole lot of work.

Fun Fact: The reason having reviews is important is it helps Amazon’s algorithm and your book will rank higher on the search results. The higher you are, the easier it is to find your book and the more people will be interested in purchasing it. I lucked out with my Fun Facts about Alaskan Malamutes coloring book because there are only a few coloring books about malamutes out there so I’m already in the top results (and yes, I did just shamelessly plug my affiliate link to my coloring book in my blog post about earning money online…you getting some ideas now?)

The first month my book was out I earned about $30 and I have already earned some this month as well. It’s not a whole lot of money, sure. But it’s way better than nothing and the more books you get out there the better!


4) Youtube


This one is a little trickier, because Youtube recently changed their policy and you need at least 10,000 channel views before you can monetize your videos, BUT, even if you’re just starting your Youtube channel you can mix and match these ideas to your benefit. Youtube monetization is only just one way to earn money on Youtube, you can do video reviews for products and put your affiliate link in the description so people can check it out, you can link to products you use in a video whether the video is specifically about that product or not, you can promote shirts your selling on whichever site you have them on, you can promote your books you’re selling. There are a bunch of ways you can use a Youtube account to get the word out about whatever you have going on. The sooner you start, the more you interact and the more consistent engaging content you create the fast your channel will grow and then you can monetize your videos. Just give it a shot! you could be surprised.


None of these are quick and easy, they all take a lot of time and dedication. Some days you are going to feel discourage, like it’s taking way too long to get anywhere but the key is to not give up. I’ve been doing this for a bit and learning about it all for even longer, some days I feel like I don’t have enough to show for it, but then I look at what I have accomplished and even if it’s not super impressive, it’s more than when I wasn’t doing anything and wondering what on earth I should do. At least now I have a direction and I’m not giving up.

That’s all it takes. Entrepreneurship is more about character than earning money, in my limited experience. You have to get out of your head and puzzle through every obstacle, stick to the plan and just keep going. Ignore hateful/ignorant comments about being a bum/not wanting to get a “real job” or deigning to dream of something more than a typical 9-5 for the rest of your life. If you stay dedicated and you keep plunking away, you will get there. Perseverance is key in everything. You’ve got this!




4 tips on Starting a Blog

Hello lovelies!


So I’ve been asked this question a lot the last couple of weeks so I decided to take my 2 years worth of blogging knowledge and compile it all here. (which sounds way more action packed than it is)


still consider myself a major newbie. I haven’t earned much money with my blog, mostly it’s a hobby. I’ve only recently begun to promote my blog more and attempt to grow this into my own business. So I’m still learning a lot, but the basics of how to start out blogging are pretty simple. 


Now, when I first started I had no idea what my goals were or what I was doing and honestly didn’t think I would even keep it up like I have. But I’m glad I did and I wish I would have put more thought into it to begin with because I think my blog would be even better today if I had. So I’ve decided to write a list of the things that really would have helped me out had I thought it out better instead of just diving in, which works but also takes more time and there’s lots more floundering around. 


So here are 4 tips on starting a blog.






1. Direction


First you need to figure out what you want from blogging. What are your interests? Are you wanting a hobby? Are you wanting to earn money from your blog? What things do you know that can help others? Is this going to be an online journal sort of blog? There are many questions. Sit down with a pad and a pencil and ask yourself what you want from this. Check out some bloggers in your niche for inspiration, (don’t copy them!) but get a feel for what they write like, take notes on what you like about their layout and their voice. Just be sure to only take notes and don’t copy everything someone else is doing. It’s all about finding your own unique voice.






2. Name


What are you planning on calling this blog? Now that you’ve figured out your niche, you can try to come up with an accurate name to describe your blog. Whatever you come up with you should google just to be sure it’s not already in use.






3. Content


Once you figure out a direction and niche, go ahead and come up with as many articles as you can so when you launch you have plenty of content. You could bulk upload them before you launch your blog, or schedule them, whichever way you want to do it. You should also figure out your schedule. Do you want to have a set day of the week or month as your “blog day”? are you planning on doing multiple posts a week or one a month or..? ask yourself these questions and work out how you want to start. You can always add in more ‘blog days’ later on if you want.







4. Platform


Now we have to figure out a platform. The two I have used are Blogger and WordPress. I started with blogger because it was free and I already knew how it worked and have since switched to WordPress, which I love and would definitely recommend. There is a free version, you don’t get as much but if you’re just starting out and depending on what your goals are, it will work just fine.

I recommend purchasing a domain name. It looks more professional to have a .com rather than mywebsite.wordpress.com you know? But that’s all up to you. You can purchase your domain name through WordPress or with GoDaddy if you decide to go with Blogger. (Blogger may have an option to purchase your domain name but I honestly cannot remember right now) If you would like to get started on WordPress.com it’s really easy, just click here!

Go ahead and create your blog, personalize it, write a catchy bio and that’s it! I know, crazy right? 

You may have lots more questions, but hopefully this will get you started. 

As I get more into the business side of things I hope to have a “how to earn money with your blog” post. But until then, stay tuned!