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Welcome to my blog!

I write mostly about working from home, my journey through weightloss, social media, writing, breastfeeding, books, makeup, healthy living and essential oil use. Basically this is my lifestyle blog.

I am currently training to be a Real Estate Agent, and I’m working on writing a few books and delving into the world of affiliate marketing.

I am fairly hippyish in a lot of aspects, a geeky nerd, a Christian, artist, writer (obviously), bibliophile, adventurer and all around lover of life with a passion to help other people; specifically mother’s earn a living while raising their children and pursuing financial freedom for themelves and their families.

I started this blog to document my journey through natural pregnancy and childbirth, my whole birth plan was flipped upside down when a cardiologist told me that I was high risk due to my aortic stenosis and needed to go to a high risk doctor in a hospital to birth. My entire pregnancy was up and down emotionally and I was extremely stressed out, I resorted to comfort eating lots of junk food and wound up gaining 60lbs during my pregnancy.

Despite the doctor’s fears, I birthed a healthy 7lb 7oz baby boy after a 23hr labor, completely natural and without any medications. It was the most empowering thing I have ever done in my life.

For the couple years I have been on a journey of self discovery and bettering my health; I’ve lost about 50 pounds and my confidence has multiplied.

Unfortunately my life as I knew it came to a crashing halt in December 2016 when my husband left me. Healing from that toxic and abusive marriage has taken lots of time and prayer but it’s getting easier. It’s been a rough transition from stay at home wife and mother to single mom trying to figure out what life even looks like now, but I’m working on it. It’s a process but I know I will get through it and be all the stronger for it in the end.

Since my marriage ended I have gained 30 pounds and lost 10 (and counting!), eradicated stress-induced migraines from my life, created and published a coloring book and have started on a career in Real Estate. There are far more pro’s to my single life than there are con’s and I’m thankful to be alive to share my story.

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