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So, I may be new to the network marketing scene and I certainly do not have everything figured out, so this is mostly just my newbie opinion. But from everything I’ve been learning and observing, I’ve picked up a few things and I’ve been noticing some things that are a major turn off for people when approached by “one of THOSE MLM people..” which, truthfully gives the rest of us a bad name, so here’s a reminder and some basic rules to follow for anyone else who is new to this industry.

Associate Stalkers (for lack of a better term)

You know, the people who look for people in companies that have gone under. I’m not talking about the ones who genuinely are reaching out trying to help, but the ones who say “find ALL the people in this-and-such-company-that-just-went-down and recruit them all”. The people who see other companies failing as a feeding ground full of prospects. The only thing they care about is making their team bigger.

It’s ridiculously classless in my opinion.

For example, I posted a video of me playing a song with my guitar publicly on my Facebook profile and noticed a comment from a woman that read “did you get my message?” I checked my inbox and indeed had not received a message from her, I clicked through her profile only to discover we weren’t friends although we did have some mutual friends, so I clicked the message icon on her profile and there was her message to me asking if I was still with Maëlle. Turns out she was just wanting me to join whatever MLM she is with (she never said). Here is how she failed to “make the sale” to me:

  1. Commented on a public video of mine without saying anything about the content of said video (she didn’t even like it) she only asked if I had received her message. Because, you know, how dare I continue with my regular posting without receiving and responding to her message, right? rude.
  2. Never sent a friends request or showed interest in being friends
  3. Never connected on a personal level—my music video was a perfect opportunity for that.

So here is a simple example of a way she could have connected with me and possibly gained a new team mate, had I been interested.

I post the video. She sees it somehow (possibly through mutual friends). She comments “wow! I love this, you are very talented” (or some other genuine compliment). She messages me. “Hey, I see you were with Maëlle, I’m so sorry to hear what happened. I too am in a MLM company so I can empathize how stressful being out of work would be.”

That would have opened up a dialogue where we could have connected and at least been friends, if not teammates. I have no idea what she has going on, I already have another company I’m working with as well so I may not have been interested, then again, maybe I would have, you never know. But that would have been a much better way to connect rather than the way it played out. I’ll post a screenshot just so you can see what exactly went down:


As you can see, there’s not much personal connecting or ‘networking’ going on. It made me feel upset, because she didn’t genuinely care about me, she just wanted to see if I was interested in her opportunity. Keep in mind, I don’t know this woman from Eve (and even then, I know more about Eve…) I don’t particularly care that she doesn’t care about me, but her message made me feel like I was cut down to just another prospect, just another random profile she’s been messaging to see if an unfortunate victim of two companies’ lawsuit would be interested in whatever particular brand of ‘extra money’ opportunity she is peddling.

Even though I know this is just what most MLM people do, it has an effect. So think about the people who are approached who don’t have the experience I have with MLM companies. It sets us up as uncaring people involved in some giant scheme to stalk and add as many people to their teams and Facebook groups as possible and then the next person they hear talk about how evil “pyramid schemes” are, they believe and add their own experience with “one of those scammers” to the mix. It’s this endless cycle of misinformation that needs to end.

And, it’s not that there is anything wrong with wanting people to join your team or try your products, obviously. But it’s all about the approach.

At first I was going to leave it to the first response and not worry about saying anything else, but it bugs me that people think this is okay. It gives network marketing a bad name and I think it needs to change. We need to be solving problems in peoples lives not seeing people solely as prospects.

See a need, fill a need.

It’s a basic concept. And her intentions were probably more honorable than what came across, but it’s your approach that will make or break a connection. Sometimes we get so caught up and excited in the opportunity we have that we forget to slow down and make sure we are connecting on a personal level with our prospects.

Be thoughtful and genuine with everything that you do and you will attract the right people to your team and you will start to see the success that you want in your business and your life.


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