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Today I’d like to talk about some good ways to grow your Instagram following.
I wish I had used a tracking app earlier in my Instagram journey so I had more accurate data but unfortunately I didn’t. I had taken some screen shots, but I’ve lost those as they were on my old phone and I haven’t been able to retrieve any of the data from it yet.

But I think that I was at 200+ at the beginning of this year. I didn’t start focusing on gaining followers til around July or so I think. Last month (September) I was at around 700 followers and as of right now as I’m writing this, I am at 1000.

(Using these methods, I went from 919 to 1000 in 6 days)

I normally never cared about followers, but that was before I was working an online business and not really working at promoting my blog too much. Now I like to see the ways I can use social media to reach as many people as I can possibly find who are interested in what I do and building and growing together.

In any case, here are 5 of the ways I have used to grow my Instagram following, I’m still working at it, I don’t have a huge following, but it’s a lot for me and these methods are paying off.

  1. Interaction
    This is probably one of the most important tips for growing a following anywhere really. Liking people’s pictures is great but people really respond better when you like and comment about what you liked in the photo or caption. This is something I’m still working at because I get busy and my old way of Instagramming was more just scrolling through liking everything without really interacting. I’d laugh when it was funny or “awww” when it was adorable, but not say anything in the comments. I’m trying to do more of that now because I really do care about people and don’t want to just be an observer, I want to interact and connect with others. For some this may come easier, but for me I feel like I pulled my introverted side into social media with me in the way that I’m kind of quiet on other peoples posts, this an area that I’m working at growing in.
  2. Similar Interests
    One thing I realized was a lot of the people I was following had nothing to do with building a business, entrepreneurship or even blogging or makeup. A lot were random pages full of awesome dreadlock pictures, birth photography, nature photography etc. All good stuff but not exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to connecting with individuals. So I knew I wanted to connect with other Entrepreneurs/Mompreneurs, so I went to Robert Kiyosaki’s Instagram page and looked through the people commenting and following him and chose a few that I found who were interesting individuals doing some amazing things with their lives and helping others build businesses. Some followed back, others didn’t, but my whole goal was to fill my Instagram feed with like minded individuals so I can see how other Entrepreneurs are doing things. It’s all super interesting and I like to learn from people who are doing it right now in real life. So that’s one way to get more followers and to connect with others, find a common interest whatever that is and follow those who seem interesting and interact with them, you’ll probably even make some new friends!
  3.  Content
    I have noticed that when I post more positive, inspirational style posts it get’s better interaction and people are more likely to follow me to see more. I have stopped posting lots of selfies (not that selfies are bad, I’m totally pro selfie) because I want my content to be more meaningful, if I do post a selfie there’s a reason, like it’s a makeup look I wanted to show, or a goofy hair picture every now and then. Relevant content is always good. Randomly posting every picture on my camera roll isn’t going to get me very many followers. But it all depends on your niche, I have seen accounts do extremely well with mostly just selfies because they are makeup artists and that’s what their followers are there for. You have to craft content for what you want your account to be. So figure that out and you’ll be on the right track!
  4. Timing
    It is SO weird but timing really is everything when posting on Instagram! and really on most Social Media networks. Buffer is a great tool for this, not only can you schedule posts (you can only schedule reminders for Instagram unfortunately), but it analyzes your profile and comes up with a posting schedule that shows you the prime times to post. It’s awesome! I love it.
  5. Like bots
    I know this way seems like cheating, I don’t think it is, but if you feel that way then don’t use it! This way can be a bit tricky because you don’t want your account liking weird things, but usually these bots have settings where you can black list certain hashtags (and users!). Basically how it works is you sign up with the bot and select the relevant hashtags you want to follow so your account will like stuff (even if your phone is waterlogged like mine was) I have tried Likestagram and Archie, I prefer Archie.

Well, that’s it. Those are the methods I have been using to grow my Instagram following. They have been working for me, slowly but surely. Hopefully they will work for you!

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  1. This was great, Marie, thanks for the tips! Would you be interested in sharing this with our community on creators.co? I think a lot of them would appreciate it as well!

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