Book review: Prophecy by Elizabeth Haydon 


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Hello lovelies!

This book was just about as good as the first one, again, I will try to avoid spoilers but be warned, there could be some!

Prophecy: Child of Earth (Rhapsody, Book 2)

Written by Elizabeth Haydon  

Prophecy is the sequel to the book Rhapsody : Child of Blood (click here if you want to read my review on that one), it follows Rhapsody, Achmed, Grunthor and Jo as they establish their roles in the new land they have found themselves in.

Elizabeth Haydon is fantastic at describing the environment and all the little details which helps create an in depth picture of the character’s surroundings and feelings. I’m totally awed by her ability to transport her readers into another world. (I only hope I will be able to be half the writer she is!)

Rhapsody travels with Ashe to meet with the dragon Elysynos, then she tracks down Oelendra the Lirin Warrior and previous owner of Rhapsody’s elemental fire sword, Daystar Clarion and begins her training in preparation for when she will inevitably fight the ominous F’dor.

Meanwhile, Achmed and Grunthor discover an ancient buried city left by the Cymrians and meet The Grandmother, which of course uncovers even more questions but they have to wait until Rhapsody returns to fulfill the prophecy.

And that’s as much story as I will give away at the moment. This book is available on Amazon Kindle so, go buy it and read it and let me know what you think! (though I suggest you read Rhapsody first)

The book answers many questions that were brought up in the first and asks a few more that I’m sure will be answered in the next and ends with a wonderful cliffhanger. I’m eager to read the next book and I’m hoping Elizabeth Haydon doesn’t go the route of George R.R Martin and kill off too many main characters *fingers crossed*


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