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So, I’m going to be painfully and  embarrassingly honest with you. I totally procrastinated way too much this month and didn’t read as much as I should have so the last two days I’ve read every moment I could in order to finish the book.
But hey! I read half the book in two days. I thought that was impossible for me but I did it.

I know this probably seems silly to some of you who are much faster at reading. I really do love reading, I’m just a slow reader. I take my time and absorb all the details. This means that it normally takes me a few months to get through a book, which is why I wanted to start doing these reviews. I want to be able to read faster but also this is an incentive for me to read more in general because I tend to put it off which is sad because I used to read all the time.

Anyway, that’s enough explanation, on to the review!

(Please note, this is the first time since high school that I’ve written a book review so, I’m hoping it is alright.)
***may contain spoilers!***

Rhapsody; Child of Blood
Written by Elizabeth Haydon

Rhapsody; Child of blood is the story of a young Lirin Singer who while on the run from a particularly sick individual known as Michael the Wind of Death (or fondly referred to as The Waste of Breath by Rhapsody) happens upon two Firbolg men who are also on the run (Though from something far sinister than Michael, if that’s even possible). In an attempt to escape, Rhapsody unintentionally uses her Namer lore and renames one of the Firbolg men (The Brother) and severs the tie that bound him to the evil he was desperately trying to escape.

Mainly out of curiosity the two Firbolg whisk Rhapsody away and pretty much force her along their trek which unbeknownst to the three travelers will take them so much farther away from home in more ways than they had ever imagined.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story but that’s part of the basic idea of the storyline.

This book and the world that Elizabeth Haydon has created is just fantastic. It is set in a medievalish fantasy world. I love how much time the author put into everything, the descriptions of the environment right down to the history and lore, it’s all so well thought out and detailed. I’m curious how she came up with it all.

I should warn you there are some sex scenes, I’m not fond of those but they are easily skipped. Rhapsody before becoming a singer had worked as a prostitute, so there are some crude references to that as well, but again, it’s fairly easily overlooked.

One thing I absolutely love is Rhapsody’s Singer abilities. The idea that music can camouflage, refresh, heal etc is awesome. I love music and singing myself so that is something I can really appreciate in the story and part of what caught my attention when I first saw the book.

It ends in a wonderfully teasing cliffhanger that really made me desperate to start the next book (next month!).

This book really is one that you can get lost in, there are wonderful characters, lots of sword fighting, heartbreaking scenes that make you want to hug the character and tell them everything will be fine and also scenes where you would love to just jump into the world and strangle the ‘bad guy’ yourself. (…or is that just me??)

Bottom line is, if you haven’t read this book and you enjoy adventure fantasy novels with a hint of romance thrown in try this one, it’s even available on Amazon Kindle!

Rhapsody : Child of Blood

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